Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Latest from Americasmart


Well, I’m just back from the Atlanta mini-market…no, not for a Big Gulp and a bag of Cheetos… this is the much smaller fall market held in September, not a convenience  store.   I am so lucky to be close enough to Atlanta that I can go to all the markets. even the smaller ones.  Far less crowded and more manageable.  I sometimes do my best buying at these markets.  Not as much energy is spent dodging oblivious people with rolling bags or waiting for elevators. 



I really focused on gifts this market.  Holiday gift giving season is almost upon us!  I tried  to find fun gifts with a little pizzazz.  Something unique and affordable.  I think I succeeded.  I took a few pics when no one was looking  to give you a sneak peek!



Here is just a tease of what’s to come.  Perfect for that teacher’s or hostess gift…or a little something to fill a stocking.    


 image  image

This is such a great, but crazy. time at Perfect Home.  Huge shipments coming in .  Bubble wrap and styro peanuts flying.  Me pulling my hair our while trying to decide where to put everything!   Ahhhhh…Bliss!



I really hope you will stop by for a visit soon.  Lots “in store” literally… and more goodies to come!



Saturday, September 26, 2009

For the Ballerina in all of us…

This post has absolutely nothing to do with homes, “Perfect "or otherwise, or with interior design.  I was awake really early this morning and started drifting through the land of blogs, instead of the land of nod.  Somehow I found a really beautiful blog called Paris Atelier.  You can visit and see for yourself. 

How delicious.  Doesn’t this make you dream of being a ballerina one day.  Do you think it’s too late for me?  Joanne Collier School of Dance, can I re-enroll after 40+ years?  Who else remembers the famous Joanne?

Considering my history of running off the stage after losing my little feathered hat during  the  recital, I don’t think there is much hope.  I was only four, by the way!

This is a wonderful shop in Paris called Repetto selling all things dance.  Look at those stacks of ballet slippers!  This is their site, definitely worth a visit.   It is delightful!


Dreamy, just dreamy!


This tutu is waiting for me to take center stage…I can hear it calling my name!


Just so pretty, I had to share these photos.   Here’s to the prima ballerina in us all!



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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time to “Nest” at Perfect Home

We’re just  a couple of days into fall and I’m beginning to feel that stirring somewhere deep inside… does anyone else have it, or is it just me?  You know the feeling…. summer is over, winter is approaching … and it’s time to “nest”. 


It’s nesting season at Perfect Home.  We’ve been unpacking boxes, up to our ears in bubble wrap and those pesky white peanuts, and almost have the store ready for fall.  I thought I would share a few photos of some of our new offerings.


Great   classic lamps of rich wood and silverleaf.  Love the new round mirror, too.


Loving this area… lots of black and white, which I am predicting is going to be the next big thing.  (More to follow on that in a later post.)  Remember, you heard it hear first.


Just came in today.  Elegant (faux) crystal candlesticks perfect with…


this crystal lamp.  Can’t you just see this in a bedroom with all the soft blues and silvers.


A sneak peek at some of our new jewelry.



Lots more to come for gift giving season.


Another classy pair of lamps.  These are faux marble, look like the real thing, HEAVY (really!) and only $98 each!  Now where else but Perfect Home are you going to find that look at this price!


Loving this mirror , too.



Lots of colorful glazed pottery pieces just arrived yesterday.  Not shown are a glazed aqua blue and a fresh celery green… so pretty!!!


You just have to see these lamps in person.  So unique and the console table is really nice for a  foyer or as a sofa table.

Hope you like the preview of all my new goodies.  Lots more to see that I haven’t photographed yet.  If you have any questions call or email me.  You can also click on the comments link under this blog posting and give me feedback.  I would love to know what you all think.   Stop by Perfect Home soon and see what’s new… who know, that “PERFECT” piece may just be waiting for you!


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's a grey day!

As I get my feet wet in this design blog world, I thought best to start simply. What's simpler than with the design ideas that seem to be calling my name every time I see them. The photos that always stop my obsessive page turning in a magazine. I almost called this post "The Foggy Blogger" because I am in love with the color grey! No, not a dreary foggy grey, but that soft ethereal, dreamy grey with just a touch of blue or green in it. When I say grey to a client they sometimes look at me with confusion, skepticism, or downright horror! They are afraid, they are very afraid!

I think when you look at these beautiful rooms, you will see there is nothing to be afraid of. Grey can be soothing, calming and oh so sophisticated. Of course, getting the right shade can be very tricky. Even when I try to explain to someone what color I am seeing in my head, it usually comes out like, "Oh, you know, kinda grey, with a little green or maybe blue, you know smoky, but not really smoky, with a muted undertone, but not muted but you know ......................

I finally pull out my Benjamin Moore fandeck and show them boothbay grey or horizon grey or sea star and then they get it.

The above photo from Southern Accents, I believe, is THE color for me! That indescribable blue,green,grey thing! A color close to this is Ben Moore's Saybrook Sage (not really even a true grey, but that color, kinda blue, but not... oh you know, kinda ......) I love this color so much it deserves it's own post at a later date.

Keep your eyes open. You are going to be seeing more and more grey and soon you won't find it at all scary! Just wait and see.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So Sad to See You Go

Oh, I'm going to miss this one!
                                                     This month will be their last issue.

"Where have all the design magazines gone... long time..." whatever. You can make up your own tune. It is so sad that all the wonderful shelter magazines out there seem to be disappearing one by one. It's not that people aren't reading them, it's that businesses aren't advertising in them. Subscription and newsstand revenue is just a small part of the picture. It take those high dollar ad sales to make a magazine go round. Of course, as a business owner, I also understand how hard it is to part with those advertising dollars (and it takes a ton of them to make an impact), but still...... SOUTHERN ACCENTS!!!! My favorite... so sad.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Julie and Julia

It's time to come clean....I have a girl crush! This is nothing new, I've had it since I was about eight years old. It's finally time to admit it...I LOVE Julia Child.
I can vividly remember sitting in the floor in front of the black and white TV on Sunday afternoons, transfixed as Julia chopped and dropped (usually something in the floor), braised and boned, stuffed and fluffed, and Lordy, how I loved it! I owe my love of cooking to this day , to those cozy Sunday afternoons with Miss Julia.
My friend Brenda and I just saw the Julie and Julia movie, and it was a complete delight. Funny. .. Touching. .. Sweet. ..Enchanting....OK,OK, my girl crush is showing again.

Meryl Streep IS Julia Child! It is amazing how much she sounds like her. And Amy Adams is a great Julie as she attempts to cook her way through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in 365 days. I had read Julie Powell's book and liked (not loved) it, but with Nora Ephron writing the screenplay and blending it with Julia's book on her like in France, it brought it all to life. The love affair between Julia Child and her husband Paul is a sight to behold. So sweet, so tender...I'm getting carried away again.

If you have the chance, GO SEE this movie!!! I could go on and on, but I feel the need to head to the kitchen to whip up a nice beef bourguignon.
Bon Appetit!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


image60_thumb[1] It’s always fun to dream, isn’t it?  Imagine curling up in one of these beautiful chairs with  a cup of coffee on a sunny morning,   ahhhh,  I can see it now.  The colors in this room are just so serene.  I love the contrast of the dark round mirror and the dark frames on the wall, picked up in the black hexagon table top. 

Honestly, is this not one of the most beautiful bedrooms you have ever seen?     This
wonderful shade of french blue with just  a hint of green.  The triple set of french doors with black rods and the touch of an elegant little framed picture over each one…wish I had thought of that… but I sure will “copycat” it in the future.  I only steal from the best, you know.  I have this same upholstered headboard style with a pair of large painted panels similar to these hanging over my bed, but unfortunately that is where the similarities end.

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A completely different color palette, but just as dreamy.  The handpainted wallpaper and sheer bed hangings.  Yum!

 A change of pace, but just as pretty.  The upholstered headboards and matching bedskirts are very crisp and tailored, with butterfly printed duvet covers to sweeten the look.


OK, just one more taste.  Another more tailored look, this one in a graphic contrast of light and dark.  This appears to be a deep deep chocolate or maybe charcoal grey with white.  I love a high contrast room.  This is also one of my favorite window treatment styles,  so simple but elegant and works with any type fabric.  Do you love the round mirror over the bed?  It is a trend I am seeing more and more of.
That is  your design eye candy for the day… more to follow.  I will treat you soon to the new offerings from Eastern Accents,  my line of scrumptious  bedding at Perfect Home. 


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Finally….on Facebook!!!


I am a bit backwards when it comes to all this new social networking business, but finally , this morning I settled in with a big cup of coffee got around to Facebook. Time to join the modern age!!!   I have set up a fan page for Perfect Home where I will be sharing news about the store.  I will post pictures of new goodies as they come in and promote upcoming sales and special events.  Just another way to keep all my customers in the loop.   I hope all of you will become my “FANS” so I will feel just like a rock star!!

I have set it up as Reesa’s Perfect Home so you won’t confuse me with all those other “Perfect Home’s “ out there.  I believe if I send you an invitation to be a fan it MAY come from “Reesa Milton”, since I also have a personal page,  instead of Perfect Home (see I told you, I’m not good at this!)  Send me a friend request for my personal page too, if you like.   Be sure to write on my wall if you have any design questions or a question or request for Perfect Home.  Tell your friends!    Hope you will all stop by for a visit.