Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Exciting News!!!

This blog is officially one year old today.  I wrote my first blog post and went online with it the day after Labor Day last year.  It have been challenging at times, frustrating at times, but enjoyable every time I  sat down and decided what to write about this time.  I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you.  Please keep checking in as I promise this year to post more regularly.

Why did I choose the day after Labor Day to begin my PERFECTLY AT HOME blog?  The same reason I am choosing today as the day to share exciting news with all of you. 

As many of you may know, I began my life as a shopkeeper with my bridal shop, THE WEDDING BELLE, which opened the day after Labor Day in 1978.  I loved all my years in the bridal business, and still enjoy the few months when REESA’S PERFECT PROM is open.  I sold The Wedding Belle in 2002 and opened PERFECT HOME the day after Thanksgiving that year.  {Must I always open a store the day after a holiday?}

Since THE WEDDING BELLE  {aka THE WHITE DRESS}  shares a building with Perfect Home and Perfect Prom, and still shares a rather large piece of my heart, I care deeply about it.  The Wedding Belle has spent the last eight years under the ownership of Debye Culpepper who truly made it her own in her own self described “quirky” way.  A couple of months ago, Debye decided to move on.  I will miss her, but wish her the best!

Now for my exciting news… as of today {the day after Labor Day, and the beginning of it’s 33rd year!}  THE WEDDING BELLE is now…  PERFECT DRESS OF ROME!!  The new owner is my “niece” {by love, if not by blood} Alison Smith. I claim her as my niece since I am an only child and our families have been, well, family , to each other for the past 40+ years.

  I could not be more thrilled!!! 

Many of you may know Alison from her past eight years as The Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce membership director.  She was terrific in that position and I know they were  sad to lose her, but so encouraging in her desire to be a small business owner.  Her years and experience at the chamber will be invaluable.  I wish I could have had that experience when I opened 32 years ago!  She is an absolute natural.  I am amazed at how quickly she has adapted to the crazy world of  bridal. 

Alison’s most important job is, of course, Mama to these two little fellas, Ryan and Drew.

Her husband, Adam, has been so supportive these last few months, not to mention how hard he has worked on the new {old} store.  It would have never come together without him!

Alison was born the year I opened The Wedding Belle.  There is even a picture of her in front of the wedding gowns at my grand opening.  She always modeled in my fashions shows, first as a flowergirl, then as a bridesmaid and bride. Since the age of five Alison has said she wanted, one day, to own The Wedding Belle!  This was a dream she shared with her first cousin Michele Graves Buxton.  They would talk about “owning Reesa’s store” when they were little girls.

personal pics 004 

   Alison and Michele in my wedding in 1982, along with my cousin Jon Stinson

Sadly, Michele passed away at 28 only a few months after her own wedding.  She was one of the sweetest and most genuine people I have ever known.  Even though Michele went on to become a wonderful teacher, Alison is carrying on the dream of two little girls to “own Reesa’s store” one day.  Can you imagine how happy that makes me? 

The store is newly remodeled.  Alison has made it her own.  She will bring her own special touches to a long established business and Northwest Georgia’s brides will love working with her.  Watch for lots of exciting events in next few months at PERFECT DRESS OF ROME .

   As for me, I can’t wait to work side by side with Alison for many years to come.  There is no one in this world that I would rather see take a business I began so many years ago and carry it forward.  Good luck Alison!  I love you and can’t wait to see you  thrive  with YOUR new store…PERFECT DRESS OF ROME.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger {once again}

Sorry for my lack of blog posts lately, but it has been a crazy few weeks at Perfect Home.  I promise a post on the new happenings on my corner of the world very soon.  So much exciting news… but it will have to wait a few more days.  In the meantime, how about some design eye candy to entertain and inspire.  A few of my latest and favorite design photos from the blogosphere….

First  classic styles I love.


Rich wall color, elegant seating and touches of black.  What’s not to love.


Same approach but in a lighter palette.

HAGUELIVINGROOM (2)[1]_thumb[1][1]

And even lighter.  I have ordered this style chair in several different fabrics and it always looks great.  Adapts to any style or color fabric, whether casual or dressier like this look.

And now for a little whimsy…


Bright enough for you? 


How about this?  I don’t know if I could live with the pink chairs, but I would sure like to visit them.


Dramatic red… nothing like it!


This is fun.  I have a similar wallpaper from Thibaut that I would love for someone to use.  Maybe this will inspire someone…. any takers?

How about a little black and white.  I do love me some black and white.


Clean,classic, elegant.  Love this!


Nothing like zebra to give a room a little zip-ee-de-do-da!


Pretty, so pretty.


This is such an unexpected color combination.  Black silk drapes with grey walls and accents of jade green.  I think the painted chairs are genius.

So there we have a bit of design inspiration.  What color palette appeals most to you?  Don’t over think it, just scroll through the photos again and see what you respond to.  It might tell you something for the next time you redecorate your home. 


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