Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Modern History Home


Exciting new discovery at Perfect Home…meet Modern History Home.  I am thrilled to be offering a new line of exquisite accent furniture.  At the very end of my last market trip, my fella and I were leaving with sore feet and empty pockets.  As we were walking to the Marta station, I suggested we tour one more floor. (Groan, sigh)   The High Design area was just waiting for us and the first booth I saw was Modern History Home.  Beautiful, elegant furnishings to die for!   It was love at first sight!!!


This was the first piece I saw and fell in love!  I think this will have a home in my bedroom at some time in the future.  The painting  on it is so refined.


Luscious finish on this piece.


Great hardware and detail.


Look at this!  Soooo elegant with the mirrored doors and detail work.


I can just see this nestled up to a wing chair in a study with a glass of wine and book resting on it.


Another of my favorites.  Look at the delicate carved detail on the corners.  You don’t find this kind of detail work often anymore.


This beautiful painted piece is similar to the offerings of Modern History’s sister company, Somerset Bay which I can also order.  They specialize in beautifully done painted finishes.  An upscale cottage/country french look.   More about this company later.

Now, the bad news first… Modern History is a higher end line than what you usually see at Perfect Home.  It is more of a design trade line and the quality is exquisite.  You definitely get what you pay for and it is investment quality furniture.  I won’t be stocking inventory, but will have a couple of pieces so you can see the quality and finishes.  They have a portfolio of their designs and the photographs are so great that you will have no problem ordering from them.  

Now, for the good news!  Because it will be a special order resource for me, I will offer it at “designer pricing”.  This will represent a 50% discount from their regular retail pricing and will make it much more affordable.  An example, most of the chests pictured will be in the $900 to $1900 range.  Trust me, for the level of design and quality in this line, this is a very reasonable price.

I am so excited to have access to such a fine line of furniture and can’t wait to order a couple of pieces for myself when I finally (hopefully) re-do my own less than “perfect home” this summer.  (More about that later)  If you are interested in seeing more of Modern History Home visit their website at  www.modernhistoryhome.com  or stop by Perfect Home to have a look at their portfolio.  Hope to see you soon.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Oh, that rare and elusive phenomenon, a snowy day in Georgia!  What a treat to be snuggled in with a morning free, a cup of tea and a warm cat trying to help me type. ( Go away, Gingee! That’s my tea)



Love how my house looks in the snow.


My brick and pea gravel back terrace in a blanket of snow… so pretty!




Gingee is fascinated by the snow, I can’t keep him out of the windows.

Since my last post was all about white rooms, and today our world is blanketed in white, and while surfing design blogs this morning, I stumbled across this…..

I thought, why not, a shot of hot pink!! 

This is the second time I’ve written about pink, and I may have even used this photo before.  I don’t know what it is, I’ve become slightly obsessed.  I didn’t even think I like this color of cotton candy, bubble gum and ballet shoes.

But I must say, I’m kinda lovin’ the sophisticated mix with black.

Or with rich chocolate brown.


Can’t say I care much for the scary horns on the mantle.

But the delicate pink cherry blossoms conjure up a dream of spring on this snuggly, snowy day. 

I heard that 49 of 50 states have some snow this Valentine’s Day weekend.  If you are lucky enough to be snowed in with your sweetie (and a sweet cat) the next few days, consider yourself blessed…. I know I do!



Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So much for my New Year resolution to blog on a regular basis.  With Perfect Home’s “Ring Up the Old, Bring in the New” Sale, and setting up for my 32nd year of selling prom gowns at Perfect Prom,  blogging seems to be the “red headed step child” as we say here in the south.

So, to get back on track I thought I would post a few pictures of rooms that I look at in my inspiration file and think… do I like this?… or does it just leave me cold.  What am I talking about?  You’ve all seen them in design magazines… the oh, so austere and icy… all white room.


This one softened with a touch of pale grey, which I love.  But warm and cozy.. I don’t think so, do you?


Love the contrast of the black doors, but is it enough?  I love black doors so much that at some point they deserve their own post.


Sorry, but this just leaves me cold.  No character, no warmth.  Someone just came in and set up a few pieces of furniture.   Boring!  Imagine if you added a pop of color at the windows, maybe a fresh green, added beautifully framed botanical prints and a few colorful pillows.  Much nicer, I think.


ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!   Snoooooooooze!!!  What the heck is that upside down mushroom in the middle??? 


Yummy chair and the mirrored cabinet is too die for.  Simple white silk panels, so elegant.  This I could live with.


I’m afraid this light fixture is going to fall and crush me while I eat my Wheaties!!

So there you have it, a few all white rooms.   I guess by my comments you can tell where I stand.  I’m curious to see what you think.  Do all white rooms leave you cold?   Click the comment button below and let me know.