Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jill and Derrell Tie the Knot!!

Many of you know Jill Ellen Burnes who has worked with me at both Perfect Home and Perfect Prom  since she was fifteen years old.  So young that her Dad had to bring her to work {after checking us out to be sure it was a good environment for his “baby girl”}  since she couldn’t even drive.    Well, eight years later after high school and college, and now law school,  Jill was married last weekend!  It was just like watching my own “baby girl” get married!  Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful wedding.  I’m sure if you have visited Perfect Home, you have met the delightful Jill.



My wedding photographer daddy would not approve of this somewhat blurry photo, but I think it’s cute.


Me with the soon to be “Mrs. Goode” just before walking down the aisle. 

The wedding party!


Where’s  Jill???”


I think I see her!”


HERE comes the bride.


The happy couple enjoying their first dance.

Jill married the amazing Derrell Goode.  If a name ever fit someone, his does.  He is truly a “goode” man.  Loyal, steady, a loving heart, and sooooo good to Jill.  I knew from the beginning that this was probably THE ONE and couldn’t have been more thrilled when he came by the store to tell me he had just bought the engagement ring.  He was SO excited!   The wedding was everything they wanted.   Beautiful yes, but relaxed and fun with people who love them celebrating the beginning of their life together. 

I wish them both all the happiness in the world.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Market Update

Inside AmericasMart Building 3 by vjl.

Well, I am just back from the July market in Atlanta, sore feet and all.  When planning for market I make lists of what I need for Perfect Home, what design trends to look for, and customer requests, but it’s really all about the shoes!!!   Six million square feet of Americasmart and I swear I hoofed them all!!!  The photo above is from the Apparel Mart, where I learned the ropes of retail many many years ago.  In fact, when I first started in the bridal business in 1978, the only building was the current Merchandise Mart and I thought it was overwhelming!  I remember my first trip circling the tenth floor several times looking for the bridal showrooms only to discover I was on the wrong floor!  Talk about green!  But I’ve come a long way, baby.

What was just one building back in the day is now four, if you count Inforum, the technology building which I luckily don’t have to shop.  People always say “Market must be so  much fun” and it certainly is if you don’t mind swollen feet, yucky food and a bone tired body.  But for some reason, I can’t wait to go every few months.  It is such a challenge searching for just the right thing to add to my store mix.  I thought a lot this week about what it is I am constantly searching for and came to the conclusion that what I want to bring back to my customers is a very high end designer look at an affordable price.  Often that is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I always start by visiting the exclusive designer showrooms to look for the latest trends and to be inspired.  Then the search begins….looking for that elusive line that captures the designer look at a reasonable price.  It is so important to me to offer you a quality, yet  attainable  look.  Most times I succeed.  But just know it takes tired feet to pull it off!   Here are a few of my finds from this month’s market.

A couple of beautiful vases and candle holder from one of my new lines



Loved these new photo frames and decorative blocks… great gift items.


Beautiful burled wood chest will be arriving around the first week of September…


along with this console table.


I ordered oodles of really terrific lamps… wish I had more photos of them.  The one above is so unique.  This year there was more color in lamps and accessories which I was so glad to see.  There seemed to be  a trend toward more sparkly glass and silver. I found a new line of accessories with wonderful heavy glass hurricanes held by metalwork.  Can’t wait until they arrive in a few weeks.  Another trend I saw was an overall “cleaner” aesthetic.  Not necessarily contemporary, but a more modern approach to lamps, art and accessories.  Now this is still the south, so we will never lose our traditional feel, but a sprinkling of more modern touches is a terrific way to update your traditional look.  More about that in a future post.

ART_EscherStairs by Lynne Cymone.

Cool view down one the spiral staircase…vertigo anyone?


So that’s an insider’s view of the mysterious “market” that retailers speak of.  Hope you enjoyed the tour and the sneak peek of Perfect Home’s  latest acquisitions.  The new merchandise  should start arriving in the next three weeks to four weeks. I didn’t even show you the Christmas items…too hot to think about that until later.    There are sooo many  goodies to come, I can’t wait to start unpacking those boxes.

Now off to soak my feet…again!


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Design Eye Candy

I just spent an hour trolling thru my design inspiration file.  This easily could have turned into two hours, but I forced myself to stop.  If you love beautiful rooms as much as I do it can become an obsession!  Too many gorgeous images, too little time.  While perusing these pages, I kept finding photos that were just too pretty not to share…. soooo, I thought I would share a few with you.  No rhyme or reason, not much comment needed… just enjoy!



 OOOHHHHH!!!! This ceiling…only in my dreams.


Love the red chairs and double chandeliers.  And how about that wall cabinet painted to match?  Gorgeous!


This is the home of one of my favorite bloggers Kristin at Covetable Designs.  You can check it out here…


This is just so soothing and elegant and I love me an upholstered ottoman.  Fireplace wall is papered in a neutral design as an accent.  Interesting and not often seen.  What do you think? 


There is a lot going on in this room, but I think it is very interesting.  Not too sure about the gold painted settee  but I do like this layered multi textured look.


Again, a more layered look with lots of warm colors and textures.  Count how many pairs of objects you see in this small snippet of a room.  Looks like my house… I am “pair” obsessed!


Don’t know how many people want an umbrella over their sofa, but I do love the colors and finishes of this room, especially the grey bookcases and mirror.


Love this rug and the color of the curtains.  So pretty.


Four sets of panels on one wall…wish my drapery workroom had this job!  I love the cozy colors and relaxed look of this room.


And let’s end with a stunning red and black dining room.  How about that chandelier?  Can you say DRAMA! 

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of some random {and ravishing} rooms that caught my eye.  Lots more where these came from that I will share from time to time.


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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun on the Fourth!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!  I’m only a few days late but I thought it might be fun to show you a little of how I spent my July 4th holiday.  I am so spoiled.  Everything you need to see in Atlanta on the 4th is located only a few steps from  my fella’s condo on Peachtree Street in Buckhead.  No traffic, no hassle. We start off the day by going down to view the Peachtree Road Race… up close and personal.  As in, the runners are literally inches away. 



First the line of policemen let you know it is almost time….


Then come the elite runners.  Sorry this is so blurry, but these guys are MOVING!  It is amazing to see how fast they pass by.  They are beautiful… so graceful and fluid in their movements.  Now, runners later in the race…not so much.


I wish this were clearer so you could see the look of concentration on their faces.


There are always quite a few people who dress up in crazy costumes which are a hoot to watch.  This year there was a guy in a towel and shower cap!  Wish I had a picture to show you.


Of course, there is always a lot of red, white and blue.


Here are a couple of shots taken from the balcony looking toward downtown showing  just how congested Peachtree is.  And it stays like this for HOURS!


Approximately 55,000 runners were in the race this year.  55,000 can you imagine?  That is the population of a small city.  


The view toward Lenox ,where the race starts, showing a solid mass of humanity.  Wonder how many say a little prayer as they pass the three churches.  “Lord, I promise to be good if you just let me finish this race and get my  t-shirt.”


As darkness descends it’s time to head to the other balconies and look toward Lenox Square for the fireworks display.  Ever tried to photograph fireworks?  Not so easy.  Sorry.  In person they were very dramatic this year.  Great finale!


Want to see actual fireworks photos from Lenox?  I’m sure there are millions online that put these to shame.  Even tho’ my sweet daddy was a professional photographer, obviously I didn’t inherit that gene. 

So that is a taste of how I spent my fourth.  Hoping yours was just as festive.