Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a Week!

The Saddest Star by g0dzuki.

This pretty much sums it up!  Last week just as I was twirling the store for our “Sneak Peek”  Holiday Open House, major computer meltdown!  Now here I am with new laptop in hand, but no time to post to my blog…and  don’t get me started on all the hundreds of photos that …pouf… disappeared! 

Hopefully, all is not lost.  Maybe some geeky computer genius can save the day, but until then, blog posts will have to wait !  I am once again building my library of beautiful interior shots that serve as my inspiration for this blog.  Lots of fabulous new rooms to show  you  in the future.   I did take  photos of Perfect Home in all it’s holiday finery that I will share with you next week.

I promise to return soon.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Window Treatments, Curtains, and Drapes…oh my!


Call them what you will, in my humble opinion, they make a room.  Of course, what else would you expect me to say since custom window treatments are such a pivotal part of the Perfect Home story.  When I first opened the store eight years ago, I never dreamed fabricating window coverings would evolve into what it is today.  I started slowly and outsourced my fabrics.  Little by little, and with wonderful word of mouth referrals , that part of my  business grew.  My lucky day came when I met the talented and fabulous Sonia and as the story goes, we’ve  been together ever since.  I may be full of  ideas and can mix fabrics like a master chef mixes ingredients, but I can’t sew a stitch!  I can show you beautiful photos for designs that I think will work for your room, just don’t ask me to install a rod!



I thought I would share a few of the myriad  of photos I have collected over the years.  Imagine as you peruse these pics what the rooms would be without curtains of any kind.  Cold, barren,  just plain boring?   You decide.



Love a printed linen on black iron rods mixed with bamboo shades.



Perfect solution with a window seat.  This setting would not have such pizzazz without this interesting fabric.




Rich saffron silk flowing like a ballgown.  One of my favorite looks.  We have both dupioni silk and faux silk available in endless colors. VERY well priced, too!   Simple panels like these are the easiest to fabricate and the most dramatic in a room.



Simple… tailored … elegant.  What’s not to love!


Mixing panels with roman shades.  So chic.


Sheer linen in a sunroom…perfect!



Loving linens right now.



I have always been crazy for this look, yet never made it for anyone.  Who wants to be first???



Let’s end with a little drama. Not for everyone, but you have to admit it’s beautiful.

I focused on panels in this post since that seems to be what we are doing the most of at this time.  Surprisingly affordable and elegant.  Call or email me if you are interested in a window consultation and I will be happy to help.  Next time…roman shades!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Chairs are wearing Party Dresses!!!


I don’t know what happened, but one morning I came in to work and all my chairs were wearing PARTY DRESSES!  Could it be the influence of all those prom dresses I have tucked away in the storage room  until January when  “Perfect Prom” opens again…..      

DSCN0029   Maybe… or could it be…..    They just got tired of wearing the same old thing…… possibly?   or it could be that  Eldon, my wonderful upholstery man,  along with his talented wife, have been working their magic! 



Under this sassy scalloped skirt lies a dramatic black and white zebra seat cover.



OK, just as cute without it’s sassy skirt!



How about a nice box pleated skirt with it’s toes peeking out.




Or this little number I found in a magazine that we can certainly copy.  Looks like it’s made from a white pique material.  Crisp and cool to dress up a bedroom.




Not technically a slip cover , but a recovered chair that has the look. 

LOVE the little linen covered ottoman with tiny white pleated ruffle!



More of the traditional slipped look with a deep ruffle.  Just the thing to update a club chair.


Even works for a wing chair or sofa.  You know you have a tired old wing chair just waiting for new duds!



I LOVE these sassy little dining chairs with their fancy ties and ruffly skirts.

(photo via COTE DE TEXAS blog)


And last, another scalloped skirt with tied on arms and back… gotta love it!!

I think this is such a great look!  We don’t see it as much in this area, but it is really popular in other parts of  the country.  Very fresh when mixed with a natural sea grass rug and lots of textured neutral colors with weathered finish furniture.  I’ll do a later post showing you some great possibilities.

I have the best upholstery man who’s wife does my slipcovers in cream or white cotton duck at a very reasonable price.  Of course, they can be done in any of my fabrics, but in the duck they are washable.  When they get soiled all you do is wash them in cold water, toss them in the dryer on air setting and when they are still a little damp, just put them back on your furniture.  That easy!

If done in a colored fabric, or with lots of detailing it is best to have them drycleaned.  Still a great way to change the look of your furniture or especially seat covers without breaking the bank.


If you like the look and are interested, just give me a call or stop by Perfect Home to see  what we have.

I’ll share a few more photos soon showing how to work this look.


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