Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perfect Home….for the Holidays!

Our trees are trimmed… our halls are decked…. and finally, I have a moment to share it all with you in a blog post.  Sorry for the long delay, but design projects have really had me hopping for the last few months.  More about that after the first of the year, but for now, here is a look at Perfect Home…for the holidays.

PH Christmas 2011 107

A glittery angel heralds our “Welcome” to Perfect Home.

PH Christmas 2011 060

PH Christmas 2011 080

PH Christmas 2011 083

PH Christmas 2011 082

As always, lots of silvers and golds… favorites!

PH Christmas 2011 088

PH Christmas 2011 065

PH Christmas 2011 067

PH Christmas 2011 076

PH Christmas 2011 093

PH Christmas 2011 073

PH Christmas 2011 071

Home d├ęcor to adore!!!

PH Christmas 2011 092

PH Christmas 2011 089

Looking for the “perfect” gift?  It’s waiting for you at Perfect Home.


PH Christmas 2011 110

PH Christmas 2011 108

A bird’s eye view from the top of our staircase.

PH Christmas 2011 097

A cute collection of owls decorate one wall.

PH Christmas 2011 102

PH Christmas 2011 101

PH Christmas 2011 100

As always, our Mark Roberts Christmas fairies are here to welcome you, this year flying all around our “snowing” tree.

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour of Perfect Home.  Please stop by for a visit…. I promise you will be enchanted!!!

Look forward to seeing you soon, and Merry Christmas!


Sunday, September 25, 2011



Sometimes it only takes a spark.  While trolling one of my favorite blogs,  Velvet and Linen, { something I haven’t had the time to indulge in lately}, this exquisite  photo stopped me in my tracks.  How beautiful… the palest of peachy pinks with just the barest hint of soft yellow.  Powdery grey white and the most subtle tint of green add the perfect contrast.  Wouldn’t this be a luscious color palette for a bedroom?  So pretty, I just had to share.  Anyone out there interested in redecorating your bedroom, give me a call… do I have a plan for you!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally Fall at Perfect Home

Ahhhh, finally a nip in the air!  Fall…my favorite time of year.  It always puts me in a “nesting” mood, both at my home and at Perfect Home.  The store has been reset for fall and new merchandise is still arriving.  Take a look…………

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 057

This is a very handsome console table.  Much more substantial in person.  I LOVE this lamp.  My favorite in the store…and soon to be in my house, if no one buys it!

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 062

One of the new chairs I just brought it.  These are great accent chairs and can be ordered in a variety of fabrics.

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 059

Always love our neutrals!

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 061

For some reason, people aren’t aware that Perfect Home has a bridal registry.  These are a few of the items available.  Next time you need a wedding or shower gift, keep us in mind.

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 063

A few more gift ideas.

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 067

I also have a new floral line that is so unique and affordable.

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 065

A few of my favorite fall finds!

Beach Trip P Home fall 2011 Linda Ownes 066

Ah Fall, so glad you have returned….


So that is just a taste of what fall has to offer at Perfect Home.  New fabric books have just arrived, as well.  This summer we offered a 20% discount on all fabrics, and since the response was so positive, I have decided to continue it until  November 1.  This will give my drapery workroom time to accommodate everyone.  Summer, usually a slower time, was crazy this year!  Several new design projects were started, and a couple are almost complete.  Check back for a blog post soon.  I know everyone loves the “before and afters”. 

If you are interested in new window treatments, or upholstery, please stop by  and see the latest fabric collections and take advantage of the 20% discount.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Nathan Turner from MDD

  • Now for Part Three of designer profiles from my guilty summer pleasure, Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo.  This week is Nathan Turner, who as well as being a designer, has a charming shop in Los Angeles.  Of course, I love the scenes filmed in his shop.  I watch once for the action, then a second time to check out the shop and homes where the show is filmed.  Told you I was obsessed. He is good friends with Mary McDonald, one of   the other decorators on the show.  {She is my favorite, more on her later}.  The interaction between them  is hilarious.  These two need a show of their own!

  • Let’s check out his work, shall we?

  • Loving this blue and orange combination.  Notice the two garden stools on each side of the settee at the end of the bed.

  • Old fashioned orange phone, anyone???

  • Hmmmmmm!  Not so sure about this!

  • I never met a tufted upholstered headboard I didn’t like.

  • This is my favorite room on Nathan Turner’s website.  Love the painted ceiling and pair of sofas. 

  • Such a beautiful tablescape.  Notice the collection of items under the table and lamps…. a pair of pairs!!
  • If you would like to see more of Nathan Turner’s work you can visit his website here.  Million Dollar Decorators, Tuesday nights at pm.  Check it out and join me in my obsession.


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  • Thursday, June 30, 2011

    Summer Eye Candy

    While perusing one of my favorite blogs, VT Interiors, I found several images of delightful summery rooms.  Enjoy!

    Ahhhhhhh!  Summer…………………


    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Million Dollar Decorators…Part Deux

    Continuing with my Million Dollar Decorators obsession, today’s post is on another of their fancy schmancy designers, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.  Believe me, he is the fanciest of the lot.  With a veeeery dry British accent and oh so affected attitude, this guy is good TV, dahhhling.  His work is high end and very elegant.  Let’s take a look, shall we….

    So refined…this is a truly beautiful dining room.  Notice the silver leaf ceiling.

    Mirrored bed anyone?

    A little too much pattern for me, but it takes a sure hand to mix all this and make it work.

    Now this is a beautiful vignette.

    Everyone needs a pair of zebra ottomans.

    This bedroom was featured on this week’s show and belongs to Tamara Mellon, the CEO of Jimmy Choo shoes.  The embroidered cloth behind the bed is a ornamental circumcision cloth!  Sorry, not carrying those at Perfect Home, so you are just out of luck.

    This man is a master at display.  How beautiful is this tablescape.

    Lawrence-Bullard is in the design stratosphere with clients like Cher, Sir Elton John, Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne and Christina Aguillera.  He was named one of the world’s top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest in 2010.  His sumptuous interiors are certainly out of my league, but it’s fun to dream.  And looking doesn’t cost a dime!  If you want to see more, visit his web site here.