Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peachtree Battle Antiques

I paid a leisurely visit  Sunday to the newly opened Peachtree Battle Antiques in Atlanta.  It is the sister store to 14th Street Antique Market located on {shockingly} 14th Street.  The newly opened market is on Peachtree Street at Peachtree Battle in the old Smith and Hawken building.  It is walking distance from my fella’s place in Buckhead.  This may not be a good thing since it will be far too easy to visit.   Prices were not in the “Perfect Home” range, but looking was free!  It is always fun to shop for inspiration and I know all the best places in Atlanta.  In the future, I will share a few more of my haunts.  Take a look…

blog pics 011

Love this chest and I have a similar pair of lamps at Perfect Home.

blog pics 012

Shells were everywhere.  Check out the top of this cabinet, just encrusted with shells.

blog pics 014

I am always drawn to botanicals and these were so beautiful.  I just received a set of four that are very similar to these at a quarter of the price!

blog pics 023

This carved chest was incredible.

blog pics 022

Lots of beautiful vignettes through out the store.

blog pics 016

Not exactly my look… but interesting.

blog pics 018

More my style… framed intaglios mounted without glass in a silverleaf frame…. these were so pretty!

blog pics 017

More shells… love these. 

blog pics 024

Zebra skin anyone???

blog pics 015

How about a deer head???

blog pics 021

Or maybe this is more your style???

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of Peachtree Battle Antique Market.  There was lots more to see, so if you are ever in the area, it is worth a visit.  Who knows, you may catch me there gathering a little inspiration for Perfect Home.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Interesting Art Arrangements


Occasionally I will run across very interesting ways to hang art and wall décor.  Not always do we have to follow the large painting over sofa/pair of prints over chest formula.  Now , I do love me a pair of prints hung symmetrically, but sometimes it is good to branch out a little.  How about hanging them on a window?  What a great idea!  Check out a few other art arrangements that think outside the  box.


More and more I see the gallery  type arrangement of art which covers almost all available wall space.  I am actually  working on this in my study with pen and ink drawings.  It takes time to collect enough to make a statement, but has a wonderful collected look when finished.


Love this look even though I don’t want to be the one to have to hang them! 


Platters, plates and mirrors… oh my.  Really interesting arrangement, just don’t ask me to hang this one either.


How about this?  Mirrors mixed with plates, sconces and vases.  Notice some of the sconce are on top of the mirrors.  I’ve never seen this before!   So pretty, but the room overall is a bit much for me.


This is just a beautiful arrangement.  It is so pleasing to the eye in every way.  The rock crystals, the etchings on top of  script wrapped books {which I have at Perfect Home BTW} and the classical bust.  Love the sunburst mirror hung over the rectangular mirror.  This is sooooo me… just yummy!


Another classic beautiful arrangement.  Symmetry at it’s best.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas of different wall arrangements.  Remember, next time you are hanging wall décor, think outside the proverbial box.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Real Rooms


Have you ever noticed while flipping through your favorite design magazines, that it seems these are rooms not one really lives in?  While beautiful, they are somewhat impersonal?  Even though they are “styled” to be more homey, there is just something missing.  It all just seems a bit too perfect… and this from someone who owns a store called “PERFECT HOME”! 

Take a look at a few photos of a real home and see if you can tell a difference.  This is from you of my favorite blogs, Cote de Texas, and shows a home in Houston.  Even though these photos may be from a magazine shoot, there is just something more relaxed and real about the rooms.  Or maybe, I just like this style… who knows.  What do you think?


Look!  Real family photos on the wall.  Love the soft neutral toile chairs and ottoman.  Doesn’t this look like a room you would like to spend time in?


Pretty dining room, but a beautiful pair of silk panels at the windows would be the much needed finishing touch. I would use a champagne silk, or maybe a rich coppery coral for contrast.. or turquoise, what about turquoise… or…..OK, never mind, no one asked me.


Such a relaxed and “real “ room right down to the basket of toys in the corner.  Loving the carved chest and pair of ottomans in front of the french doors.


And now from the other side.  Note the paneling has been painted white and the house did not fall down or the world did not end.  Can’t tell you how many times I have had that discussion with clients {esp. men} who think it is a sin to paint dark wood paneling.  I can assure you… it is not!   Unsure what’s happening with the cocktail table.. did they pad the edges to make it safe for little kids?  See, I told you this was a house for real people!  I have no problem with it….you have to LIVE in a house, right?


Love this bed, it looks sooo relaxing.  Even though this room isn’t “done” to the hilt, it is just so pretty.

OK… what do you like better?  The rooms above or this???  Can we say sterile?  Not for me, thank you.  I’m a southern girl, give me something a little softer…. a little PRETTIER… please!


Ahhhhh, that’s more like it!