Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lake House Finale….finally!

Well,  I’m back to the world of blogging after a couple of weeks absence.  With re-doing Perfect Home after Christmas, and setting up Perfect Prom for my !!! 32nd YEAR !!!  of dressing girls for their dances, I can finally take the time to scribble out a few lines on  my blog.  New Year’s Resolution…. to write a post at least once (hopefully twice) a week.  Let’s see how I do!

I hope you remember the lake house project I worked on last year.  If not, or if you are new to my blog, check the archives listed on the right side for the two earlier  posts  on the first and second floors .  Now for the third, and final, floor.  Think a three story lake house is big enough?

This floor has the least dramatic transformation.  No major remodeling except for one bedroom where cabinetry was removed.    This is the floor reserved for grandchildren and guests.  We just spruced up a bit with new bedding, paint and a few accessories.  Still it made a big impact without a big hit to the budget.  Enjoy!


One of the guest bedrooms before…

And after….  with the addition of new bedding, lamp and prints over the bed.  We used an existing side table.  Just a few simple touches, but much more pulled together.

Second guest bedroom before….

And after… Unfortunately, this photo is a bit dark, but this room really turned out well.  After a struggle, and a couple of misses, I finally found this black and white bedding which really pulled the look together. The matching lamps on each side of the bed were perfect!  And we didn’t even paint this room.  A real transformation on just a few dollars.

Uh-Oh, unmade bed… my client is going to kill me for showing this!

And the final guest suite.  We reused this bed in another bedroom and I ordered the black and white headboard seen below.

So sharp and crisp for a teen age boys bedroom.  I wish you could see this bed in person.  It has an incredible finish and is really substantial.  I order from this company often for my projects.  They have a great look at reasonable prices.  I have several pieces coming from them for Perfect Home in the next few weeks.

This is the simple cornice I did for this guest suite and bath.  A great look for the lake.  A boat bookcase and nautical accessories provided the finishing touches for this room. 

Ta-Da!  The final room!  This is a sitting room off the bedroom with lots of space for the grandchildren to play video games and hang out.  Hence, the reason for no pictures of the rest of the room!  Trust me, they are already making good use of this room.

So there you have it, the completed Lake House Project.  I was truly blessed to have this beautiful home to work on last year.  My client was a dream to work with.  It is so nice to start a job with a “client” and end with a new friend. 

I know times are tough and not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do a major renovation on their home.   I deeply appreciate any and all projects I work on… large and small!  Actually, the smaller projects are a wonderful source of the instant gratification I love!

If you like what you see in my work on this, or any before and afters I will post in the future, please call me at Perfect Home.  I am adding to my design resource library and have several new lines I will be sharing with you soon. A really beautiful accent furniture portfolio is on the way, can’t wait to show you!   I truly love what I do… and would love to work with you in creating your own “Perfect Home”.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Tour of Danny’s Home at Christmas

I felt it might be a fun way to start the new year with a look back…. all the way back to Christmas!!  You just thought you were ready for Christmas to be over  for another year.  Well, that was before you had a chance to tour Danny Carter’s home fully decked out for the holidays.

I toyed with the idea of calling this post either  “Danny’s Crazy Christmas House” or “Crazy Danny’s Christmas House”.  If any of you know Danny, then you know either would have been appropriate.  For those of you who don’t know Danny Carter, he is the floral designer who helps me create Perfect Home’s Christmas every year, as well as store displays and our floral arrangements.  Danny also helps me with design installations and works independently as a designer.  He is so talented, has a huge heart, and is craaaaaazzy, as anyone who knows him can attest!!!

Danny loves Christmas.  Even after decorating clients homes for the holidays, he will go home at night and do what he calls his  *create-in’ * for his own home.  Be forewarned… this is not your Mama’s Christmas decorating.  No nice red and green shiny ornaments, no fragrant  evergreen wreaths, no  traditional nativity scenes.   Nooooo, not our Danny!

And so, I welcome all of you to Danny’s Annual Christmas Party.

Danny's party 004

You are greeted as you enter with a fireplace and hearth festooned with jet black ornaments, an oversized vessel and a nice little zebra stocking.  Danny would never expect Santa to leave his lumps of coal in a needlepoint stocking with santa and snowflakes!

Danny's party 020

Nothing like an oversized sequined slipper to say Christmas!

Danny's party 002

This upside down tree dripping with vines, metallic corkscrew grasses, feathers and icicles, was the talk of the party!  Only Danny!

Danny's party 003

The breakfast room done up in shades of turquoise, black and silver. Part Mardi Gras… part Vegas with all the feathers! This was actually my favorite room.

Danny's party 019

Love the table settings…


Danny's party 018

but the chandelier is my absolutely  my fave!  It’s a very Vegas Christmas.

Danny's party 025

Just a little tree for the master bedroom.

Danny's party 005

What??  Your master bedroom doesn’t look like this???

Danny's party 006

Danny's party 022


Danny's party 024

Just a peek at the master bath.

Danny's party 011

The guest bath.

Danny's party 009

Danny’s special tree in memory of his Mom who passed away two years ago on Christmas Eve.  This tree is filled with her special ornaments. 

Danny's party 014

Another room…. another tree!

Danny's party 013

Just had to show you this bed with it’s bedazzle spiral light hanging over.  How would you like to wake up with that in your eyes every morning!


Danny's party 012

My clients and friends, Vanessa and Katrina, enjoying the party.  The silver chargers on the wall are a new addition this year.  Very understated for our Danny.

Danny's party 016

April, who works at Perfect Home, and her daughter Meredith are Danny’s neighbors and had to see the show!

Danny's party 026

My mom, her  best friend (my other mother), her neighbor and my aunt, all came to see what Danny had cooked up for another crazy Christmas. 

Danny's party 027

And the Man himself… Danny Carter.  As over the top and flamboyant as Danny’s decorating is in his own home, he actually does very dramatic, but beautiful design work for his clients.

I know it will be hard for you to believe, but I have been to several of Danny’s Christmas open houses, and this one showed real restraint (a word not always associated with Danny) compared to parties of years past.  Just imagine a purple and gold dining room, a bathroom with FIVE trees in it, and chili pepper lights that bathed the ceiling of the kitchen.  Oh, we can’t forget the collection of stuffed monkeys wearing oversized diamond rings!!!  Don’t believe it??  I have pictures to prove it!   Truly, a one of a kind  colorful character!

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour of a not so traditional Christmas.  Upside down tree anyone???