Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Décor Eye Candy

I haven’t had the time to post properly to my blog for the last couple of weeks, so I thought a bit of inspirational eye candy was in order.  Let’s face it, everyone looks at my blog for the photos, not my boring ramblings on decorating!  Hope you enjoy a few of the latest {and greatest} photos from my inspiration files.


I just love everything about this room!


Lately, I have been obsessing about this color palette and watercolor paintings in soft gold frames.  This vignette has both.


More in this refined, yet relaxed, chalky blue, taupe and cream palette.


And still more…. not too sure about the cattle painting though.

I wouldn’t have thought to paint the mantel and wall in all the same color. but it works!  Love the printed linen panels.


Hmmmm, interesting fabric treatment on the bookcases.  Notice the two wicker trunks between the windows.  Great idea for an accent table.



You know I love me some symmetry!  Almost two of everything in this room.


As well as in this one…. so pretty!


Truly, a fantasy bedroom!  Just look at that arch and columns. 

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of décor “eye candy”.  Off for a busy day at Perfect Home, and  it’s sister store…Reesa’s Perfect Prom.  ‘Tis the {prom} season, you know.


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The “Undecorated” Home


I see a trend, people.  {Sounds like that creepy movie from a few years ago.}  I call it the “undecorated” room, or maybe the over decorated room is a more apt description.  More and more, I see this in magazines and blogs.  It seems as if someone said, “let’s see just how much we can pack in a room”.  Check out the room above…what do you think?  Is it just a hodge podge of furniture and accessories, or is it a thoughtful and collected assemblage of items?

Even though some of the pieces are very nice, it seems, to my eye, just a bit much.  No rhyme or reason.  Let’s  jam some pretty things together and call it decorating.  My eye is so busy jumping around the room, I’m getting dizzy.  When I am making “house calls” for Perfect Home, over and over I find myself saying “you have too many little things and not enough big things”.  People seem to collect “stuff” and feel it all must be displayed.  Not so!  Fewer large items make so much more of an impact that a jumble of “little things”.  Clearly, the home above hasn’t had a Perfect Home house call!

Now, I love  a layered collected look, in fact as I contemplate the redesign of my own home that is the feel I am after.  But this is too much! 


Now look at this…. same room!  Someone must have read my mind.  Though still a bit too much for my taste, this is certainly pared down.  Notice not as much on the mantle and no large painted screen inside the fireplace.  Less side tables cluttering the space and I love the addition of the round table with chairs turned outward.  The plant and statuary are a nice touch.  Again, big things!  See the difference….impact!

So what do you think…. an undecorated mish mash mess, or lovely layered look?  Leave me a comment and let me know which you prefer.


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