Thursday, May 26, 2011

DC Design House

Just thought I would share a few images from the recent DC Design House.  These rooms are so refined…. I love the subtle use of color.  In person, they must be breathtaking.  Enjoy!

Beautiful chandelier and octagonal table.

Don’t miss the yellow and white checkerboard floor in the dining room.  Unexpected, but so pretty.

Notice the painted paneled walls and the more modern chairs and cocktail table… it!

I have the same script covered books just waiting for my great room redo.  This cream, white and black combination is just so elegant.

Crazy for the pop of color in this setting.  Notice the green painted interior of the glass front cabinet.  Nice contrast with the yellow, don’t you think?

Great chair detailing.

Not so sure about the lamp, looks like a hair dryer for the bride of Frankenstein.  The wing chair with dual fabrics is another story.  This is a nice detail that I have used before.  Great way to update the traditional wing.  Would I have put it in front of the black and white print panels… no so sure.  But hey, I don’t see anyone calling me to do a room for the DC Design House!

I always like this type of bed treatment.  Looks complicated, but actually not .  Anybody who loves this look, we can make it happen for you.

One of my favorite window treatments, and works for so many applications with any fabric.

Another classic look.  Notice the interesting rug.

I want a big glass container of hats!!!   Kind of cool….

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the DC Design House.  Stay tuned for a tour of Perfect Home.  We are putting the finishing touches on our summer look.  Hopefully, I will have a blog post on it next week.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!