Monday, November 23, 2009

Pretty in Pink


I don’t know what’s going on lately. Maybe it’s too much rain and gloomy weather, but I find myself drawn to pink rooms.  PINK… what’s up with that?  I don’t even like pink!  Maybe it’s all the years I spent in the bridal business… too many sugary sweet pink bridesmaids dresses can turn anyone off!  But for some reason, I keep pulling pictures of pink rooms for my inspiration files.   I thought maybe I could get it out of my system by posting a few for you to see.  I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this color,  too girly, too fluffy???  Maybe just right with the addition of a dramatic black or sophisticated grey?  Click on the comment button at the end of this post and let me know what you think of pink.


This is more of a coral pink, much easier to live with possibly, than the pepto variety.  I know I said I don’t like pink, but my own bedroom is a soft coral with undertone of pink.  Or as my painter described it when I was building my house, “Oh, this color is like the stuff ladies put on their faces.”  Perfectly described, Mr. Painter Man!


Now this is very fresh and sweet.  Perfect for a bathroom .  So pretty.





This bedroom designed by Phoebe Howard (of Mrs. Howards fame in Atlanta) is absolutely  dreamy.  This room itself could make you fall in love with pink… or maybe, just fall in love.


This seems to be a deep rosy pink, an unusual color I think is fabulous in this room.



Just a touch of pink…  more my idea of living with this cotton candy color from our little girl Barbie dreams.    Next year (hopefully) I plan to redecorated a few rooms in my own home and one of my thoughts is to do my guest bedroom walls a very soft washed grey and simple silk panels at the windows in a very very pale pearly pink.  So maybe….I just thought I didn’t like pink.  Maybe we never really forget the love of shiny hair ribbons and fluffy tutus and ballet shoes long ago  outgrown.


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fairytale Cottages


While floating through cyberspace, I happened upon a beautiful little blog you can visit here…… and found these adorable cottages.


If I lived in an enchanted forest, I think this would be my home.



Or maybe this one…? 


Love this one… but I think a family of gnomes and fairies should live here.  They can live next door and bring over baskets of muffins sprinkled with magic dust.


Ahhh, here it is.  A fairy cottage of my very own….well, it’s my fairytale and I can dream,   can’t I?


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Works?

I thought it might be fun and interesting to do an occasional post on one certain topic.  What to do…?  As I browse my inspiration files, I find myself drawn to a particular picture again and again.  Why that photo?  What is it about a room that just calls to me?  What works?

Well, why not pull one of those photos and dissect it.  Really pull it apart and see what elements and ideas are utilized and then put it back together again.  I’m sure we can all learn a few lessons along the way. 

I thought I would start simply with a picture of a foyer or maybe a hallway?  Not sure, just know I have always liked this room. 


Very dramatic and striking, yes?  But why?  First thing first… the wallpaper.  The bold and graphic pattern is the first thing to catch your eye.  Black and white always makes a statement, but combine that with the sharp, clean pattern and you really have impact!  For some reason people are afraid of bold pattern in a small space, yet small doses are much easier to take.  Imagine this much pattern in a large room…too much of a good thing!

Next, the simple roman shade at the window.  Looks like a subdued stripe in a relaxed roman with “tails”(technical term only us window people know).  A fussy overdone window just wouldn’t work. 

Don’t miss the floor.  An inlay, or probably painted, black banding on dark floor with a natural seagrass or sisal rug, again with black banding.  Very nice.

Now the carved console table with marble top for just a bit of color.  The color is also subdued grey washed which shows the carving while not taking away from the wallpaper by appearing too heavy.  Imagine a heavy brown piece of furniture….wouldn’t be the same, would it.  On top, a very classic lamp and small dishes.  Just perfect.

To me, it’s the wall decor that really pulls this room together.  I always love pairs of pictures.  It seem like I never buy singles if I can buy a pair…can’t help myself.  You have much more impact if you can hang in pairs, and a grouping of four, even better. It seems these are pen and ink drawings and with the wide white mat they are fabulous on the busy wallpaper.  A smaller matting  would not have worked at all.   Of course, the convex mirror in the center is the perfect complement to the vignette.

Now for the finishing touch…the two umbrellas in the corner!  Did you even notice?  Just a tiny pop of color that teases the eye.  Put your thumb over the umbrella and see how much flatter the entire look becomes.  Amazing!

I hope you enjoyed this little experiment in really studying a room to see what works.  If you like this concept, I will continue to occasionally post on it.  Let me know!  You can click on the comment button at the bottom of this, or any, post and leave me a comment.  I would love to hear feedback on my blog!   A customer came into Perfect Home today and told me how much she was enjoying reading my humble offerings here.  I was thrilled to know someone was out there!   Anyone else there???  Love to hear from you.


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Halls are Decked!!!

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 090

Our halls are decked, our trees are dressed… glittery garland graces our staircase and Christmas fairies are flying with abandon!  It’s that time of year again, time for a Perfect Home Christmas!

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 088

A delightful Mark Roberts fairy will greet you at the door and offer a cup of cider and one of our yummy cranberry oatmeal cookies.

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 116

Our chandelier shimmers overhead lighting the way for this holiday tour of Perfect Home.


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 087

Reds and greens…Perfect Home Christmas 2009 103


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 119



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 099

With a touch of black.

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 100 


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 101

Elegant neutrals burnished with silvers…Perfect Home Christmas 2009 104

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 120


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 121


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 111


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 063

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 061


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 121

Lustrous coppers and golds…Perfect Home Christmas 2009 094


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 096



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 102


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 097

Our woodsy winter wonderland…


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 107Perfect Home Christmas 2009 109


Perfect Home Christmas 2009 110

 Perfect Home Christmas 2009 113HOO!HOO!


 Perfect Home Christmas 2009 112 Perfect Home Christmas 2009 108

Gifts to delight…

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 122



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 119



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 075


 Perfect Home Christmas 2009 082



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 084


 009 011


And, of course,  our Mark Roberts Fairies have  taken flight…



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 079



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 077



Perfect Home Christmas 2009 088

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Perfect Home in all it’s holiday finery.   I am so lucky to have Dan-Dan the Christmas Man helping pull it all together!

Perfect Home Christmas 2009 023

Couldn’t do it without my own personal elf!  (He’s gonna kill me for that one!)

This is such a special time of year for all of us here at Perfect Home. There’s lots more to see, and items still arriving!  I hope you will all stop by for a visit during this festive season.  My Holiday Open House is this weekend,  Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  November 6,7,8th.  Come share a cup of cheer!

Looking forward to seeing you,