Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Summer Fabric Sale

Well, it is that time again… dog days of summer.  So, what can we do to lighten up those hot and humid days?  Why, dress our homes in fresh new fabrics of course.  I’m sure that was the first thing to pop in your mind.  {Or maybe that is just me…} 

Or maybe because it’s time for Perfect Home’s Annual Summer Fabric Sale!



My extensive selection of fabrics are ALL 20% OFF UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1ST!!!  If you have been thinking about that design project, now is the time.  Maybe you are dreaming of new window treatments, fresh bedding or reupholstering that tired old chair that has seen better days, why wait?  It is a great time to select your fabrics and get them ordered, even if you wait until fall for the actual work to be done.  Who doesn’t like to save a little money, right? 

Just to get you in the mood, here are a few dreamy fabrics that are available for special order.


Thibaut Designs

If you are looking for a fresh color palette with classic design, you will love Thibaut.  Established in 1886, they are the nation’s oldest wallpaper firm.  Their fabrics and wallpapers are perfect for our southern style. 



Eastern Accents Bedding    

Our bedding collections are also included in the fabric sale.  If you aren’t familiar with Eastern Accents bedding, stop by and take a look at their portfolios.  Very elegant and well made bedding, Eastern Accents has a vast array of fabrics and styles. 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Advertising


If you are not familiar with Schumacher, they are an upscale fabric company established in 1889.  Their exclusive fabrics have even been used in the White House, and now can live in your house, as well.  I have several samples at Perfect Home.    If you are looking for a higher end designer fabric, I will be happy to source samples for you from their Atlanta showroom.  I recently used two of their fabrics in my bedroom and breakfast room, and I have to say, they are beyond beautiful.  A bit of a splurge, but so worth it!

Carole Fabrics

Just a word about Carole Fabrics.  They are simply one of my favorites!  Well priced, and usually all special orders arrive in one to two days.  A really great manufacture with an abundant array of styles and colors, this is certainly one of my most popular lines.  I have used it in many projects and am always happy with their quality and service.     If you are looking for an affordable and stylish line, you must see Carole Fabrics! 


Thibaut Designs

I almost forgot to mention, wallpaper is included in the Summer Sale.  Wallpaper is finally seeing a resurgence, and I for one, am thrilled.  I have always loved using wallpaper and really never stopped.  Whether for an entire room, or just as an accent wall, nothing gives you that pop of “wow” like wallpaper.  I recently used it on the ceiling of a dining room and it was so dramatic.  Think outside the box, and think wallpaper!!!

Please  stop by Perfect Home before September 1 and see our incredible selection of fabrics, wallpaper and bedding.  Our fabric design library can be a bit overwhelming, but I actually know where to find what you are looking for….most of the time….  Believe me, that is no small task!   If you are interested in custom window treatments, as always I will be more than happy to come to your home for a free consultation, just give me a call. 

Hope to see you soon,


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beautiful Bedroom


March 2012 327 copy

As I was strolling through one of my favorite blogs, House of Turquoise I found this photo of a beautiful bedroom that seems to capture our southern style.  I just love the classic furniture and the way it is arranged.  Let’s take a closer look.

March 2012 362 copy

Lovely arrangement over the bed.  Notice the oyster shells over sconces, a motif you will see repeated throughout the room.

March 2012 341

Such pretty fabrics.  I just had a couple of pillows made for Perfect Home in a very similar ikat print.  Also, the vintage egg prints classically framed are such a refined look.

March 2012 358 copy

Yummy chandelier

March 2012 372 copy

Isn’t this a nice arrangement at the foot of the bed?  Again the oyster shells, this time glued to the top of a lantern.  Might have to steal this idea.

March 2012 368 copy

I have a very similar chair at Perfect Home, if anyone loves this look as much as I do.

March 2012 381 copy

Pretty, pretty room! 

This home is actually the home of a blogger from a newly discovered and delightful blog, the aptly named  Dixie Delights  which truly captures the southern style we all love.  Check her out, I think you will enjoy your visit!


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perfect Home Summer 2012

OK, I am not even going to mention how long it has been since I have written a blog post.  Let’s just say, way too long.  I’m also NOT  going to promise that I will do better, so maybe then, I WILL! { No pressure, Reesa. } Hopefully, someone is still checking in or seeing my blog posts on facebook.  If so, welcome and let’s take a little tour of Perfect Home this summer, shall we?

PH Summer 2012 009

This summer we went for a cleaner, fresher look at Perfect Home.  Not as much fluff and stuff…. just a lighter look that is more what you would want in your own home.  I love this vignette.  You will see lots of blues and greens throughout the store this summer.  I just completed a lake house project and the entire bedroom was created around these prints.  The colors were so ethereal and soft, I just loved it.  Photos of this project coming soon, I promise.

PH Summer 2012 010

This is a new piece of furniture that just arrived.  The color is a soft gray with honey colored wood top.  It is narrow which is always a plus.  The open shelves are great for display.  I have the same succulent arrangement in my breakfast room and it is such a nice piece.  Would also be perfect on a kitchen table or island.

PH Summer 2012 011

Crisp black and white… always a favorite.  I love it mixed with fresh green.

PH Summer 2012 012

Loving pops of turquoise this summer.  How about this mirrored chest… so chic!

PH Summer 2012 013

I am always drawn to rich reds mixed with greens and golds with a touch of black.  This new console table would work in so many areas.  I can see it in a foyer, as a server in a breakfast room, or the perfect sofa table.

PH Summer 2012 014

Lots of pops of orange… it is THE color of 2012… don’t cha’ know!

PH Summer 2012 016

Several pieces of abstract art have arrived.  Yes, I know in our traditional south this is a stretch, but I am using it more and more in projects. 

PH Summer 2012 019

PH Summer 2012 018

PH Summer 2012 023

PH Summer 2012 024

Just a few  “moments” from Perfect Home this summer.  Off to market in a few days, so there will be lots and lots more to come.  Plus, I have been working on several interesting projects over the last few months {one reason this blog has been rather quiet} and will be sharing before and after photos soon. 

I hope you will come by for a visit to see what is “in store” at Perfect Home.

Happy Summer,