Friday, April 4, 2014

The Power of a Pillow

OK, I will admit to a bit of a pillow addiction.  I love me some pretty pillows.  Often, when decorating a room my first “go to” fabric will become a pillow.  Usually I am drawn to the colors or the pattern but it may be too much for window treatments or a large piece of furniture.  But for a sofa pillow…. yep, half a yard of that fancy fabric and we are off to the races!


See what I mean?  Your entire color palette can come from this one pillow.  Neutral sofa…green and blue stripe at the windows…a sweet little red side table…sage green and cream geometric rug…artwork in red, orange,blue and green!  Folks, we have a room design!  Easy, peasy.

( Well, not that easy or you wouldn’t need me, right?)

Matthew Bolt 6[1]

See how the color from the pillows pulls thru the entire room?  That’s how you do it.

DSC_7597 copy[1]

Neutral sofa + pretty pillows.  Tah-dah!

JillSorensenLifestyle monogram-regency-mark pillows[1]

Pillows don’t even have to be in a pattern.  The graphic look of these are oh, so chic.

Matthew Bolt 16[1]

You can work it in a bedroom….  Love the rug, BTW.

Matthew Bolt 11[1]

Or even on a porch. Looks like the perfect spot for a nap to me!


So there you have some pillow inspiration.  Think about the power of a single pillow next time you find a fabric you love.  Many a beautiful room was born from a single pillow.  Now that’s what I call a profound decorating statement!  Just call me your design guru…..


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