Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!





Happy Valentine’s Day from a long absent blogger.  Shameful, I know…. but life does get in the way sometimes.  At least, this year I didn’t fall into my usual trap of making weekly blogging my New Year’s resolution.  It obvious how that worked out for me last year!


Instead I just felt inspired today by all the Valentine Day love I see around me…. which let to thoughts of what else, but pink!  I {heart} pink, always have.  I was one of those “pink” girls growing up.  I had pink baby clothes, pink doll clothes. pink teenage sweater, pink bedroom, and on and on and on…..  When I first opened my bridal salon, The Wedding Belle, eons ago; what color did I paint it?  Pink, of course!  And what color is it now that my niece Alison owns it?  Yep, it’s pink with sophisticated black trim. 



So, as our thoughts turn to love today, let’s celebrate our love of pink!


Sugary sweet pink, a little too sweet for my taste.



This is more my style.



Or this.


Such an interesting color combination.


One of my favorite images ever, this is a foyer designed by the goddess, Mary McDonald.


I have always loved pink and gray together,  This combination is in the ‘dreaming” stages for one of my guest bedrooms.


Isn’t this a pretty combination?  So clean and sophisticated.


Can’t resist one more.


So “think pink” when considering your next decorating plan.  Who knows, you might just fall in love!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,


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