Friday, April 4, 2014

The Power of a Pillow

OK, I will admit to a bit of a pillow addiction.  I love me some pretty pillows.  Often, when decorating a room my first “go to” fabric will become a pillow.  Usually I am drawn to the colors or the pattern but it may be too much for window treatments or a large piece of furniture.  But for a sofa pillow…. yep, half a yard of that fancy fabric and we are off to the races!


See what I mean?  Your entire color palette can come from this one pillow.  Neutral sofa…green and blue stripe at the windows…a sweet little red side table…sage green and cream geometric rug…artwork in red, orange,blue and green!  Folks, we have a room design!  Easy, peasy.

( Well, not that easy or you wouldn’t need me, right?)

Matthew Bolt 6[1]

See how the color from the pillows pulls thru the entire room?  That’s how you do it.

DSC_7597 copy[1]

Neutral sofa + pretty pillows.  Tah-dah!

JillSorensenLifestyle monogram-regency-mark pillows[1]

Pillows don’t even have to be in a pattern.  The graphic look of these are oh, so chic.

Matthew Bolt 16[1]

You can work it in a bedroom….  Love the rug, BTW.

Matthew Bolt 11[1]

Or even on a porch. Looks like the perfect spot for a nap to me!


So there you have some pillow inspiration.  Think about the power of a single pillow next time you find a fabric you love.  Many a beautiful room was born from a single pillow.  Now that’s what I call a profound decorating statement!  Just call me your design guru…..


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time to Refresh..Renew…Reimagine your home!


A few months ago I came up with a new “tag line” for Perfect Home.  This image is from the billboard that was running them.  After the crazy winter we lived thru, it is even more appropriate!  Weeks of hibernating at home will make you reassess your rooms, right?  I know it works that way for me.  There is something about staring at the same old upholstery, the same tired curtains, the same dated lamps that says…. time to REFRESH…RENEW…REIMAGINE…. can I get an “Amen”?  No, well maybe it’s just me. 

Except I don’t think it is…..

This spring Perfect Home has been BUSY!  Quite a few folks must have been suffering from cabin fever because we have been blessed with lots of new projects, which makes us happy, happy.  But we can always find time for new clients so…….

How about a beautiful bedroom redo?  This is in my color combo of the moment, blue+green.  So fresh!

More blue and white…. this time in a coastal look with white washed plank walls.  Love the look of the wicker chairs and mercury glass lamps.


I’m always up for a POP of orange.  So pretty with blue and white.


How about REFRESH those windows with a cute new roman shade?

Or RENEW your bedroom with one accent wall in a striking new wallpaper?

Oh heck, let’s just REIMAGINE your entire home while we are at it!  That’s what we do at Perfect Home, remember?

Images via the beautiful Australian blog VT Interiors

So now that we have all recovered from those winter doldrums, and summer is finally here, are you ready for a fresh new look?  New fabric and wall paper collections just arrived and the latest rug samples are in.   I hope you will visit Perfect Home soon to see what we have “in store” for you.  We can reinvent those rooms in no time.  Promise!



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ahhh… Spring


When these soft spring days arrive I always feel a sense of renewal…how about you?  It seems to be the perfect time to refresh our homes and our lives! I may not be able to do much to refresh your life but I can certainly help with your home.  


In celebration of the first day of Spring, let’s enjoy a little decorating eye candy, shall we? 


Pretty spring pinks and greens.  Love the rug and I have one very similar in our Perfect Home Rug Collection.

Blue and green, my new favorite combo, just sings spring!

heidi friedler

Fresh spring green, this time mixed with a periwinkle blue.

.Energy House

Love the combination of colors in this bedroom.  I used the same desk in a project a couple of years ago and it is still one of my favorites. 

Lakeview Estate

Pink and green….makes me think spring.  And a tray topped ottoman, what’s not to love.

Cosmopolitan Fabric Collection - Living Room View 1

More spring green!  My latest fabric collection just arrived and a couple of books are filled with these colors. 

Garden Vista Fabric Collection - Living Room View 2

One more time…. blue and green.  Can you tell I have a slight obsession?  Who wants me to design a blue and green room for your home?  Believe me, I am ready.

So there you have it, a touch of spring!  Now, are you inspired to freshen up your home?  If so, I hope you will call or visit Perfect Home.  I’m just back from market and new items will soon follow.  Plus, my spring fabric collections have arrived and they are luscious!  New window treatments or maybe a freshly reupholstered chair might be just what you need.  Ready to put a pop of spring in your home?  Just give me a call.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pantone Color of the Year 2013


In case you haven’t heard, here it is…. Pantone’s Color of the Year….Ta Da….Voila!


As in The Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz.


Hmmm, what do we think?  Would that have been your choice?  As for me, the jury is still out.  At first I was somewhat surprised.  The last couple of year’s picks were already on my decorating radar, but emerald?  Not my “go to” color palette.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like emerald.  I just have to process using it in a design scheme.  It will be interesting to see if emerald make a show in my new spring fabric collections  due in a couple of weeks. I did notice more blue and green used together, especially in artwork, on my last market trip. 

I must admit though, while perusing emerald images to use in this post, I started to warm up to the idea.

I’m kinda loving this rich emerald high gloss finish on bookcases.  Of course, any room with a leopard carpet already has my heart.

And I am always a sucker for any combination of blue and green.

I {heart} this  more than words can say!!!

I am working on a project now for a library with rich paneled walls similar to this and we are considering a sofa and pair of chairs in a rich green velvet much like this color.  After looking at the fabric choices in green velvet I got a bit obsessed with the idea. 

Though not technically  emerald, a fresh spring green is always so pretty.  I like the idea of popping a deeper emerald with it to bring in a bit of sophistication and ground the pale color palette. 

Now this is fun, more of an olive green island, and how about that ceiling?  Do you have the nerve to do this?

Here we have several shades of green working together.  Think about all the greens in nature, no two truly alike, right?  Yet they all seem to work together.

Let’s face it… blue and green are nature’s most compatible color combination.

So maybe emerald has a place in your home.  The more I ponder on it, the possibilities are pretty amazing.  A rich glossy emerald in a den or study, new bedding in soft jade and sky blue, or maybe just a touch of green in artwork for a guest bedroom….oh, the places we could go with emerald.

Are you looking for a fresh new feel in your home this spring?  Maybe a little emerald would be just the thing.   Intrigued?…Perfect Home can make it happen.

Now if I could just talk my fella into a nice big emerald ring! 




Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day!





Happy Valentine’s Day from a long absent blogger.  Shameful, I know…. but life does get in the way sometimes.  At least, this year I didn’t fall into my usual trap of making weekly blogging my New Year’s resolution.  It obvious how that worked out for me last year!


Instead I just felt inspired today by all the Valentine Day love I see around me…. which let to thoughts of what else, but pink!  I {heart} pink, always have.  I was one of those “pink” girls growing up.  I had pink baby clothes, pink doll clothes. pink teenage sweater, pink bedroom, and on and on and on…..  When I first opened my bridal salon, The Wedding Belle, eons ago; what color did I paint it?  Pink, of course!  And what color is it now that my niece Alison owns it?  Yep, it’s pink with sophisticated black trim. 



So, as our thoughts turn to love today, let’s celebrate our love of pink!


Sugary sweet pink, a little too sweet for my taste.



This is more my style.



Or this.


Such an interesting color combination.


One of my favorite images ever, this is a foyer designed by the goddess, Mary McDonald.


I have always loved pink and gray together,  This combination is in the ‘dreaming” stages for one of my guest bedrooms.


Isn’t this a pretty combination?  So clean and sophisticated.


Can’t resist one more.


So “think pink” when considering your next decorating plan.  Who knows, you might just fall in love!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,